Driving a vehicle of fourteen years of age or older, triples the risk of being involved in an incident compared to a new vehicle, according to information provided by Conforauto Hankook Masters.

20150511 - New App for Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

The announcement was made on Monday during the presentation of their new virtual maintenance application, “Libro de Mantenimiento Virtual”, which also shows how the cost of maintenance increases with age.

The company says that they attend 4.4 million roadside assistance incidents each year due to mechanical problems. They also say that a staggering 70% of drivers ignore the time when tyres should be changed, 62% never carry out maintenance on suspension, 52% never check the battery, and 47% never check their brakes or oil level.

The new application, which is free to download, offers helpful advice and schedules for maintenance, as well as pointing you in the direction of your nearest Conforauto Hankook Masters workshop.

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