If the police have reason to believe that a car has been abandoned on the street, there is a procedure they can initiate to enforce to owner to confirm identity, before they can have the vehicle removed.

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This procedure is different to the case of a vehicle which has been legally parked, this particular process is aimed at vehicles that are in a legal, convenient and safe place, but the police believe that they may simply be abandoned.

There are a number of reasons why an officer might think this, perhaps the vehicle is showing signs of damage for example, or maybe missing main components and has been parked in the same place for some time.

If there is sufficient evidence to suggest abandonment, the police will affix a sticker to the vehicle, advising the owner that there is reason to believe the vehicle has been abandoned.

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The sticker is dated and the owner has 10 days in which to respond to the claim by confirming the status of the vehicle, or it will be removed to the municipal pound.

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Remember though, this procedure is for abandoned vehicles which are seemingly legal other than the suspicion of their status, if you park illegally, your vehicle may be removed immediately.

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