Talks and Presentations

Members of the N332 team frequently visit social and community groups, on request, to carry out talks and presentations about road safety in general, and, particularly, about driving in Spain.

Avoiding the busy periods of summer and New Year, we have two timetabled periods when we carry out these talks, normally during the autumn and spring.

If you represent a group of at least 50 people and would like us to come along and give a presentation, please get in touch with us using the form below.

Remember, everybody who works on the N332 Road Safety Project dedicates their time for free, and so we can´t always guarantee availability, plus, we tend to get booked up quite quick, but if you send us the details we are happy to see what we can do to accommodate you.

We have successfully given these presentations for a number of years and to varying sized groups, often in their hundreds, but to make it an effective use of time and resources, we do ask for (usually) a minimum of 50 people. If you are a smaller group then we can put a call out to others in your area who may wish to combine members for us to give a combined talk, so again, feel free to make contact whatever the size of your group.

We currently cover the area south of Alicante, central to Torrevieja and the Orihuela Costa. If you need a venue, we can make suggestions to you, but we normally visit your usual location, bringing our projector and computer with us. If you are able to arrange a sound system then that would help, but we are able to obtain one if needed.

We are currently booking talks for October and November, 2017. We have some already booked in, but please feel free to contact us with suggested dates to make it easier for us to work out a plan.

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If you would like to know what the talk entails, and how we do the presentation, there are pictures below, and an embedded Facebook video of a talk which we did which was broadcast live on Facebook.

The talks normally last around 45 to 50 minutes, with a short presentation (5 minutes) in the middle from our sponsors who make it possible for us to provide the equipment and resources, and we can incorporate questions received prior to the talk into the presentation.

By the way, if we´ve visited you before, we´re happy to come back and talk about updates to Spanish traffic law, and i´ve you´ve contacted us before but we´ve been unable to confirm a date in the past, feel free to contact us again.

Now you know how it works, have a look at the pictures, then contact us using the form, and we will be back in touch with you soon.