“Is it possible to register and matriculate a SMALL trailer (remolque) manufactured in the UK – where the law allows the trailer to carry the registration number of the vehicle that tows it – on to Spanish plates. The trailer is already in Spain. The person who drove the car to Spain with the trailer behind, has paperwork, but NOT for the trailer, as it is not necessary in the UK.”

1- Is it possible to register it in Spain?
2- Does it need a registration plate number?

(Remember to carry an extinguisher when you tow a trailer !!!)
(1st photo).Remolque LIGERO:
Trailers which carry less than 750 kg will need an ITV card, so you will have to go to an ITV Station where they will check your trailer and if the trailer passes the test, you will receive your ITV card. You DO NOT NEED an extra “Permiso de Circulación”, you will have to put the registration number plate of your car on the back of the trailer.


(2nd photo). Remolque PESADO:
Trailers which carry more than 750 kg will need apart from the ITV card , a new “Permiso de Circulación” which you have to be issued from the Traffic Deparment in Alicante, taking the ITV card, your trailer will get a registration plate number. (Red Plate). You will have to put the registration plate number of your car TOGETHER WITH the trailer registration number on the back of the trailer.


(3rd photo) ITV card + Permiso Circulación (only for Heavy Trailers).


There 2 ways of getting an Itv card.

1. Taking the European homologation document together with your trailer .You go with your trailer to the Itv and after testing the trailer you get the Itv card.

2. When you do not have any paper of the trailer, Itv can carry a test of your trailer and inform you if you can get an Itv card and make a new one for you. This process is expensive, sometimes it is better to buy a trailer with the Itv card. Remember that not all trailers can be homologated in the Itv, so ask an Itv station before buying one with no Itv card.

An engineer will make the homologation if your trailer was built under European Regulations.

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