When your ITV test has expired, how long can you drive without being fined?

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The deadline to drive legally without being fined, it is the date you can find on the back of your ITV card, just next to the last stamp.

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The ITV test is the document you have to prove that your car is in roadworthy condition, similar to the MOT in the UK, but once it expires then your vehicle is not permitted to be used on the roads and so you can be fined.

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There is a rumour that you have ONE month after the ITV expires to carry out your ITV test, but it is totally false. You can however have your test done up to a month before the expiration date, and, assuming your vehicle passes, the date will be added onto the end of the expiration period.

So, it your ITV expires on the 30th of the month and you take it on the 10th, then, if it passes, the new certificate will be valid until the 30th of the time corresponding to the renewal period of your vehicle.



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