As the N332 project has been operating for some time now, we are constantly asked about the next stage.

We have been asked if we are going to produce other items to support road safety and driving in Spain, our favourites so far being car stickers, t-shirts, a magazine and even a book, amongst others.

We think all of these items would be great, but is run by volunteers who already dedicate a huge amount of time to the project, so in order to progress further, we need to fund the production of these items. There are already a number of fixed costs which we have to pay in order to maintain the website.

Therefore, here at the website, we have decided to open a few opportunities for advertisers and sponsors to offer donations, so that we can both cover our costs now, and, more importantly, invest in the future development of the project. In exchange, we will advertise your business on our website by giving you the opportunity to display a reasonably sized banners (300×250 pixels normal or 900×100 pixels wide), on rotation, for a fixed period of time, usually at least a month.

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You might be interested to know that adverts currently displayed on this website are receiving around 25,000 impressions each week, and growing, so your advert will be seen, that is for sure.

The success of our website, thanks to the visitors, is already huge, and so your banner will be seen by many potentially new clients, so you will gain from the exposure as being a supporter of our project.

If you would like more details of how to contribute, please complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you.


For more information or to ask about our packages send an email to

If you do know anybody who would be interested in advertising, or donating, please pass on our details and we will happily make contact to discuss available options.

Thank you again for being part of our network. With your help, we will continue to grow and will soon be able to share more information relevant to driving in Spain and safety on the roads to a wider audience, thus making the roads safer for all, we hope.