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The V-16 emergency light is currently an optional replacement for warning triangles in Spain. In other words, it is currently mandatory to carry one or the other. However, in the future, the V-16 will replace the warning triangles completely.

As from 1 January 2026, the warning lights will completely replace warning triangles in Spain.

There are a number of products on the market, but it is vital that you check that the light you buy satisfies the technical criteria set out by the DGT.

Once we know to check that the light is approved, we then need to know that there are two types available, lights which are “connected”, and those which are not. Connected lights offer far more functions which we have detailed before, and are more expensive as a result, but the crucial difference is that in the future, only the connected light will be permitted, so if you want a long-term investment, that might be a good option now. That said, the lights which are not connected are still legal and valid now (subject to the criteria we mentioned), and, who knows, the price of the connected light may well come down before they become mandatory, so there is no harm buying an unconnected V-16 now, so long as you are aware it will need replacing in the future.

Remember, if you have a V-16 emergency light in the car, you no longer have to carry warning triangles, thus making a little bit more space in the boof.

You have no doubt seen adverts for Amazon Prime day, and so, we have trolled through the special offers to see which of these lights are available at a discount. This is what we found (in no particular order):

The light below is a CONNECTED light, and although not included in Amazon Prime Day, it was reduced when we looked.

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