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Roads and Flights Forecast – Monday 22 January 2023

by Mark Nolan
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On the roads of Spain there´s nothing significant planned but remember that if you are venturing into the mountain areas, which in some cases might be less than an hour from the sunny coast, snow chains should be a consideration to avoid getting stranded. If you come across a blue circular sign with a pictogram of snow chains you must not proceed without having them fitted on your vehicle, unless you have winter tyres, a specific type of tyre designed for winter driving. If you are in doubt, chances are you do NOT have winter tyres, so snow chains would be mandatory.

All this week, the Guardia Civil, and some Local Police forces, will be checking up on school buses, making sure they are roadworthy, documents up to date, and drivers are competent. It’s all routine, but if you do see the Guardia Civil near a school bus, don’t panic, that’s what is happening.

In the air, with some 23.200 flights scheduled across Europe, the weather is once again expected to have an impact, but this time in the form of wind.

Low pressure caused by storm Isha will bring strong winds to the UK, northern France, Benelux, northern Germany and Scandinavia.

A significant impact is expected in the south of the UK, particularly London, with strong cross winds at most airports, with the increased probability of both bumpy landings and go-arounds.

Scottish airports are also expected to remain a little rough into Monday.

Weather in Spain

There are still weather warnings in place in various locations, and the conditions are mixed across the country, so you should check the official sites for the must current weather updates where you are (links below).

As an overview locally to the Costa Blanca for the next 10 days, will are currently expected to have a maximum temperature of 21°c this coming Thursday, warming up again after the minimum expected today of 10°c. Today is also expected to be the windiest with gusts of up to 25 kmph.

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