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3 Million Euro Taxi Scammer Caught

by Mark Nolan
2 minutes read

Officers from the National Police arrested a person in the province of Tarragona allegedly responsible for a scam involving the sale of VTC licences for private hire vehicle registration.

He posed as an intermediary, managing to raise more than 150,000 euro in Barcelona and 3 million euro in the Community of Madrid, for which he is charged with the crimes of continued fraud, document falsification, and for usurpation of marital status.

The main suspect, through companies, sold VTC licences in Madrid and in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona to interested people who, subsequently, did not receive the licences nor did he return their money, since the same real licence was sold several times to different people.

The detainee had managed, by usurping the real identity of the licence holder, to change it in the name of the new buyer – who was the victim – and who would have paid amounts exceeding 50,000 euro. Some of these victims had even bought the vehicle with which they would carry out this work as a VTC, for which they financed the payment, so these events left them in a precarious situation.

The investigation made it possible to determine that it was not the first time that the detainee had committed similar acts, as he had been active since at least 2021.

In recent months, given that in the Community of Madrid he was already known for allegedly committing these scams with which he defrauded more than three million euro, he moved to Barcelona where, continuing with the same “modus operandi”, he allegedly defrauded more than 150,000 euro.

After his identification and location, he was arrested by agents in the province of Tarragona.

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