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Carrying your mobile phone in the car

by Mark Nolan
3 minutes read

It is doubtful that there is anybody in the developed world who doesn’t know that mobile phones are a distraction whilst driving, and yet, all too often, we see them being used behind the wheel. More than 300 people a year a killed in Spain as a result.

In Spain, the rules are quite clear. You must not use a mobile phone whilst driving. In fact, to make the situation even clearer, the law was changed to say that you cannot even hold a mobile phone when driving, so that simple act can also result in a fine. A basic sanction is a 200 euro fine and the loss of 6 points.

Being prohibited from using or holding a mobile phone also applies when the vehicle is stopped in traffic, such as in a queue, or at traffic lights. You must stop your vehicle in a safe, convenient, and legal place to use a mobile phone.

However, there is an exception where you are permitted to use the functions of a mobile phone. One way is through the integration of a hands-free system, but in this case the system must be approved. The most common function however is in the use of mapping and route applications. You are permitted to use mapping apps, but you must create the route before you start driving, and not touch the mobile until you are once again stopped in a safe, convenient, and legal location. In the event of a wrong turn, the app will reroute you automatically.

In both these cases, you are permitted to “use” the mobile phone, but it is necessary to place it on an approved support. In this way, the driver can always keep both hands on the wheel and not be distracted.

In other words, the only way to safely carry the phone in the car, and avoiding sanctions, is to place it on the appropriate support. In addition, you do not have to manipulate it at any time, unless you have a hands-free system.

The best type of approved support are those which affix to the dashboard. There are some that stick to the windscreen, but some of these can cause problems (and fines) if they interfere with the primary field of vision.

There are many fines that exist in relation to the use of mobile phones in the car. In the case of carrying the phone in a support, but badly placed and that this hinders the driver’s visibility, the penalty will be 100 euro.

If the driver carries the phone in their hand while driving, the fine amounts to 200 euro, as well as the withdrawal of 6 points from the driving licence. Remember, this is for just holding the phone in your hand, not necessarily using it. When the mobile phone is manipulated in the support, the penalty is also 200 euro and 3 points are withdrawn.

One final point. These rules apply to all vehicles. Not just cars, but bicycles, electric scooters, and any other vehicle.

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