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Guardia Civil Motorcyclists to get Airbag Vests

by Mark Nolan
1 minutes read

The company Fecsa has been awarded a 2.5-million-euro contract to provide airbag vests for the traffic officers of the Guardia Civil for wearing on motorbike patrols.

The company has been contracted to provide 4,661 airbag vests, which automatically inflate in a fraction of a second after detecting a fall or impact, providing instant cushioned protection to the abdomen and the vital organs, as well as the hips and stabilises the spine.

The Ministry of the Interior had two specific demands in the contract, firstly that the device had autonomous activation, without wiring, and that it is lightweight so as not to be a burden for the rider.

Fecsa already provide officers with safety items, having won a contract a year ago to provide bulletproof vests, in a contract worth 1.5 million, and included specific requirements for providing correctly fitting vests for female officers.

Fecsa is a Spanish company, founded in 1934, located in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid, and provides military-grade equipment and benefits from the help of European funding.

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