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Increase in Alcohol and Drugs Checkpoints

by Mark Nolan
2 minutes read

The DGT has announced an increase in alcohol and drug checkpoints this weekend, especially on conventional roads and those with a high incident rate.

The move is partly due to an increase in alcohol and drug-related driving incidents at weekend, highlighted by the 21 cyclists that have lost their lives on the roads so far this year, as a result of collisions with drivers under the influence.

This is also the first holiday weekend of the summer season and coincides with bonfire and firework parties on the beaches of the Valencia region in recognition of the Fiesta de San Juan, and midsummer night.

The increase in checkpoints will be all around the country, and the Guardia Civil will be supported by colleagues from the regional and local police, who will also have checkpoints on regional and municipal roads.

According to the general director of Traffic, Gregorio Serrano, “preventive controls are a must to try to get the message to all drivers who get behind the wheel having consumed some type of psychoactive substance, because not only is there an increased risk of incident, but also mortality and harmfulness of injuries are higher in people who have ingested alcohol and other drugs.”

The DGT points out that 25% of road deaths in Europe are related to alcohol and that 12 of every 100 drivers on the roads have consumed drugs and/or alcohol. In 2016, more than 100,000 drivers tested positive for alcohol and other drugs on intercity roads, figures which must be added to the controls by the various local and regional police forces.

According to the annual report of the National Institute of Toxicology, 43% of those who had died on the roads had alcohol or drugs present in their blood. For pedestrians, this percentage is 46%.

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