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Little Drummer Boy Caught

by Mark Nolan
1 minutes read

In a recent patrol by a Pegasus-equipped DGT helicopter, flying observers noticed a driver carrying out an unusual procedure behind the wheel, something they had never seen before, and, although the Pegasus cameras were perhaps not the fame and coverage he sought, the cameras recorded him with “two pieces of wood being used as drumsticks to beat the upper part of the steering wheel as if it were playing the drums to the rhythm of the music.”

The incident was recorded by a Lugo based officer as the vehicle was travelling along the A-6 motorway. The driver was spotted at kilometre 516 of the A-6, the motorway linking Madrid and A Coruña, as it passes through the province of Lugo.

The driver was observed beating his tune “for something more than a minute,” according to the officers, “which allowed him to travel a great distance on the motorway”, a distance where the driver was not fully in control of the vehicle.

To do this he had released both hands off the steering wheel, “to grab a stick in each of them, remaining in this attitude until he noticed that the helicopter was flying over his vehicle , at which point he ceased”, the officers reported.

However, his change of actions were too late, as he had already posed a significant risk and was subsequently reported for crimes against road safety, and was called to appear live on the stage known as court for processing.

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