The DGT has launched a viewer on its website,, which compiles practically all the plans and strategies that address road safety aspects at the national, regional, provincial, or local level.

All the provincial traffic headquarters in Spain have collaborated in this work and an attempt will be made to keep it updated with new strategies and plans that appear or that have not been known in this first version.

In the viewer, more than 80 safe mobility plans and strategies of autonomous communities, provincial councils, and town councils of all areas of Spain are compiled, which the DGT makes available to the public, redirecting the user to the area on the website where said document is located.

In addition, now that the draft Law on Climate Change proposes that municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants should introduce urban planning to reduce emissions due to mobility, this initiative seeks to facilitate those responsible for implementing plans for safe mobility of a tool that allows you to learn about other experiences in areas larger or similar to yours; at the same time that it provides citizens with existing mobility plans in their environment (city council, province or autonomous community). With this work, the DGT facilitates and coordinates plans and policies related to road safety and safe mobility and, at the same time, places as a reference and methodological guide to develop road safety plans.

How to access

Accessing the information is as simple as clicking on the link on the website and then selecting on the map the region for which we want to consult the plan and the type of area (regional, provincial, or local). Once this is done, the existing documents and the document format are displayed, after which all you have to do is click on the link to the original website where you can download it to consult or save it.

Municipalities, fundamental

As the philosophy of the Safe System points out, improving road safety implies actions and changes at many levels. At the global level, international standards and regulations are critical to motivating changes at the national level. At the national level, the responsibility is to establish priorities, develop strategies, develop regulations … the implementation of measures occurs at different levels.

The experience of the last decade of work on safe mobility strategies has shown the importance of involving the territorial authorities closest to the citizen in this field, especially municipalities, to improve road safety. Indeed, road safety improvements, to be effective, must be tailored to the context and environment and circumstances. And along these lines, in addition, the DGT plans to update the catalogue of Urban Measures this year, a reference document in this area.

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