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miDGT, the application that the General Directorate of Traffic launched a year ago and that allows the driver or the owner of a vehicle to carry both the driving licence and the rest of the vehicle documentation with full legal validity throughout the national territory, has exceeded two and a half million downloads in one year.

The application is a commitment by the Agency to digitisation, by offering another way to communicate with the administration, more comfortable, faster and with the same guarantees as if it were done in person.

The application was launched at a time when the Coronavirus pandemic paralyzed the country and the application, originally, allowed various administrative procedures to be carried out, such as having the vehicle’s electronic technical sheet, data consultation (ITV , insurance, environmental badge …), consulting your points balance, updating the contact and address information that appears in the DGT records and receiving notices and alerts of interest.

Throughout these twelve months, work has continued and new functionalities have been incorporated such as requesting vehicle reports, buying rates, verifying official documents or sharing vehicle documentation.

In fact, since an improved version of the application with these new features was launched in November of last year, more than 220,000 citizens have consulted a basic report of a vehicle and more than 8,000 have acquired and downloaded a complete report, something that is always recommended if you intend to purchase a second-hand vehicle. In addition, more than 13,000 fees have been purchased to carry out different administrative procedures and on more than 8,000 occasions, documentation of a vehicle has been shared with another user of the application. This functionality, highly demanded by the users of the App and common in the case of family vehicles, allows a driver to carry all the digital documentation of the vehicle when he is not the owner. For this, the owner and driver must be miDGT users.

According to Miguel Martín, deputy director of IT Management of the DGT “miDGT is the spearhead of the digital transformation process of the DGT, by which over the next few months we will be renewing our portals and offering access to all our services and main procedures in a completely digital way”.

Soon … new features

The DGT continues to work on new improvements that further facilitate the user experience and for this reason a new version will be launched in the coming weeks that will include, among other functionalities, the notice and payment of sanctions, the identification of the non-owner driver of the vehicle in case of complaint, the annotation of a regular driver and a usability improvement that simplifies access to the application.

In addition, throughout 2021 it is planned to also include access to the previous appointment or the completion of simple procedures, which are already available at the DGT’s electronic headquarters, such as the consultation of exam notes, the temporary removal of vehicles or request duplicates of physical documentation, among others.

What do I need to download the app?

Before downloading the application, it is necessary to be registered in the cl@ve system, which is the secure identification platform to interact electronically with the General Administration of the State. Then proceed to the free download of the official application on both iOS and Android, with an intuitive and friendly design, to make it easier for citizens to find the information they want, as well as make it easy to access.

Once the user has been identified with cl@ve, successive accesses will be made with the fingerprint or the security pattern registered on the device. In addition, from that moment you can see your driving licence, as well as access the different functionalities that are offered to you.

The documentation in electronic support has the same validity as the document in physical support for Traffic purposes, but only in national territory, since abroad it will be necessary to carry said documents in physical form.

The agents of the authority will be able to know in real time the information that is provided in the mobile and verify by reading a single-use QR code generated by the application itself said information from the tablets carried by the agents and see updated information about permits and validity thereof. Driving licences on mobile phones incorporate visual markings to make fraud more difficult.

However, and despite the validity of the telephone support, it is recommended to carry the permits in physical format, since the verification of them on the mobile phone can only be done now by the agents of the Traffic Group of the Guardia Civil. Progressively, the DGT is providing the rest of the traffic surveillance bodies that request it with the necessary tools to verify these digital permits.


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