Christmas is over and the January sales have started in Spain, but one thing to be aware of, which we have spoken about before, is that from this month, personal mobility vehicles (VMP), a classification which includes the popular electric scooters, or e-scooters, must be certified.

According to the new rule to be implemented this month, personal mobility vehicles (VMP) that are sold from January 22, 2024, must have a certificate that they are safe (for the driver and the rest of the user) and that they offer minimum guarantees of quality and durability.

Those sold until that date and that do not have that certification will only be able to be used until January 22, 2027. From then on, only those that are certified may be used.

One important takeaway from the legislation is that those vehicles without a certificate can still be sold until the cutoff date, but can then only be used until 2027, it is therefore possible that some of the models being sold off cheap in the sales will be like this, and therefore have a limited lifespan.

Of course, it is possible that those in the sales DO have the necessary certificate already, and so the point is that you should check before you buy, or you could be purchasing something that can only last 3 years.

There are also some of these “vehicles” sold, mostly online, that do not have the correct specifications to fall into the category of VMP and would therefore be illegal to use.

To clarify, according to the official characterisation, a VMP is a vehicle with one or more wheels and powered exclusively by electric motors (batteries up to 100 VDC and with an integrated charger of up to 240 VAC input) that can provide the vehicle with a maximum design speed comprised between 6 and 25 km/h and can only be equipped with a seat or saddle if they are equipped with self-balancing systems.

This definition excludes vehicles for people with reduced mobility, toys, pedal-assisted bicycles, and vehicles classified as ‘L’ according to EU Regulation 168/2013.

The VMPs, being self-propelled exclusively by an electric motor, have the ‘Zero’ emissions environmental classification and are exempt from having it visible.

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has a webpage dedicated to the different models of VMP, which is It shows the brands and models already certified and that meet all the requirements set out in the Manual of characteristics of personal mobility vehicles, prepared by the DGT and published in the BOE of January 21, 2022.

It is also worth noting if you do buy one of these vehicles that they are prohibited from being ridden on pedestrian areas, including pedestrian crossings following the flow of people walking, interurban roads such as the N-332, and motorways, as well as through urban tunnels.

As they are considered vehicles for all purposes, their drivers are obliged to comply with all traffic rules, like everyone else. There are also additional requirements and restrictions.

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