The DGT are in the process of sending environmental recognition badges to the 10,000 registered owners of zero emission vehicles in the country, in order for owners to identify their vehicles as being environmentally friendly, and receive the rewards of lower tax, parking and priority movements through certain city areas.

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Spain has often been a pioneer in eco-friendly vehicle use, and this latest campaign is thought to be the first of its kind in Europe. The initial focus has been in the large cityscapes of Madrid and Barcelona, and has been developed through agreements with the major car brands that have production plants in Spain, such as Renault and Nissan, as well as manufacturers and companies committed to alternative fuel such as Ecooltra, Urbaser and BMW.

The 10,000 registered vehicles with “zero local emissions” in Spain are formed of a variety of different types, including pure electric vehicles (BEV), extended-range electric vehicle (REEV), hydrogen vehicles (HICEV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV).

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20150417 - Spain Launches Eco Friendly Vehicle Badge 2

The owners of those vehicles will soon receive an explanatory letter from the DGT, with the new environmental badge which will be identifiable throughout the country. The environmental badge is inspired by the National Plan for Air Quality and Protection of the Atmosphere (2013-2016) in which it is stated that road transport is the main source of emissions, both particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide in large cities and proposes the classification of vehicles according to their pollution potential.

As well as benefits to the owners in terms of fuel savings, the vehicles will also permitted to use dedicated lanes for high-occupancy circulation (VAO), even when only the driver is on board, whereas these lanes are normally reserved for vehicles with more than one occupant. There are dedicated parking areas being developed in some cities, and other benefits in the pipeline that will directly benefit owners of certified environmentally friendly cars.

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