“Alcohol, cannabis and cocaine, the drugs that most affect driving

Ignacio Bayón is the President of the Fundación de Ayuda contra la Drogadicción (FAD), and well equipped to speak about the dangers of drugs and addiction.

In an interview with the DGT´s own road safety magazine, Bayón makes it clear how drugs and driving don´t work.

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Is there awareness of the risk that drugs carry at the wheel?

Undoubtedly, prevention campaigns have had a positive impact on the population. Information about the risks of drug use and coping is known to the majority of the population.

How can the use of drugs be prevented at the wheel?

You have to work from the risks, the benefits and the social context that leads to that behaviour.

Are controls effective to prevent consumption?

Control measures are always necessary but not sufficient. The most important thing is to educate young people from a preventive approach and work on the motivations and individual and social attitudes that produce problematic consumption.

Social networks, new technologies … Are they more effective than traditional media?

Undoubtedly, especially for younger age groups and users of these networks, who no longer use traditional media to inform themselves. The ‘influencers’ are key to prevention.

What is the substance that is thought to affect driving the most?

I would not quote only one substance. In my opinion, alcohol, cannabis and cocaine.

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