There has been numerous road traffic incidents reported throughout the weekend, involving buses, cars, motorcycles and pedestrians, in the provisional count between 15:00 on Friday and 20:00 on Sunday.

The first major incident of the weekend occurred on Saturday on the MA-10 road in Mallorca as it passed through the town of Sóller. This incident involved two motorcyclists. One biker was killed and another injured when they were in a collision with a bus.

On Saturday night, a 29 year old woman was killed in an incident on an industrial estate in Barcelona when two vehicles collided head on. Three other people were injured in the crash.

In La Coruña, a pedestrian was killed when hit by a vehicle on the N-547 passing through O Pino. The woman was walking with a group of people on teh Camino de Santiago when she was struck by a vehicle.

There was a two-vehicle crash on the M-607 road in Manzanares, el Real, on Sunday in which two people were killed and another three injured; two of those are in a serious condition in hospital. A helicopter transported the most seriously injured to hospital.

20150607 - Bikers Pedestrians and Motorists Killed this Weekend

Also on Sunday, again on the island of Mallorca, a passenger car left the road on the MA-19, in the Llucmajor area, causing one fatality and another person being injured.

Meanwhile, seven people were injured when two buses collided on Sunday on the A-318, in the Úbeda area of Jaén. The two vehicles remained in the road for some time until they could be moved.

In Cartagena on Sunday a woman was injured on Paseo Alfonso XIII. The emergency services received a call reporting a car had left the road and crashed. The woman was treated at the scene and then taken to St Lucia hospital.

It has been a bad weekend for pedestrians. A ten year old boy was knocked down in the centre of Alicante on Saturday, when a car hit the child who was on a pedestrian crossing. The driver of the Opel Astra admitted that he had not seen the child on the crossing, on account of a badly parked vehicle on the crossing blocking his view. The child was struck and did a somersault through the air, landing on the road, but was lucky to have not been seriously injured. The driver of the car was shocked by the incident and unable to move for about an hour; as a result the vehicle was taken away by a grua for safety reasons.

A child under the age of 15 was not quite so lucky when he was hit by a car in Barcelona. A driver who was leaving a car park lost control of the vehicle and struck a container, then crashing into the child who was killed at the scene.


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