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Check your Screen Wash Levels

by Mark Nolan
3 minutes read

Whatever the time of year, one part of the car receives a considerable amount of abuse, and yet it  is one part that must remain clear and clean in order for it to perform its function safely, that is the windscreen.

During the height of summer we find flies and bugs splattered as we drive along, park near a tree and the birds seem to use us for target practice, in the winter we have grit and debris flying from the road, and even on the inside, particles from the very fact we need to breathe can also cause problems, particularly when there is then a difference between the interior and exterior air temperature.

However, all of that aside, we want to remind you of the importance of keeping your screen wash topped up.

It ought to be one of your (at least) monthly rituals, when you check your lights, oil and tyres as well as other parts, making sure that your vehicle is maintained in a safe and roadworthy manner.

Although the engine compartment is not an area many of us are familiar with, nor do many of us want to be, there are certain areas that are a must for every driver. Luckily, most vehicle manufacturers make the bits we need both easily accessible and easy to identify, so that we don’t have to “fiddle” with anything unnecessary.

Check with your vehicle owners manual for the location of your screen wash tank, although it is often identified by a standard symbol, and then keep a check on the levels, topping them up as needed, but at least once a month, so as you are never caught out.

Once you know that the levels are okay, and with approved liquids only in there (hint: washing up liquid doesn’t work as well as you might think), you then need to use it. Find out the different setting on your vehicle so that you know how to use the screen wash feature. Some vehicles also have them on the rear, so check that out too. Then use the wash to keep your windscreen clear of any obstructions.

It is also worth remembering that if you use your screen wash when the vehicle is moving then the trajectory of the spray may differ to that of a standing vehicle. It is also worth keeping two other points in mind if the vehicle is moving too, such as if you spray too much, it may obscure your vision, which could be dangerous. Also, the spray may go too high and even over your vehicle, spraying whatever is behind you. Okay, that might mean the car behind gets a free windscreen wash, but for a two-wheeled vehicle that could result in dangerous conditions.

That said, the screen wash is there for a purpose, because our windscreen must be kept clean at all times, so use it. By the way, remember to keep all windows clean and clear, as well as lights, mirrors and the number plates, as these all form essential functions on the vehicle, and some of which are mandatory requirements to do so.

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