The vehicle´s windscreen is designed to provide protection for the vehicle occupants, whilst allowing for visibility of the road ahead. In terms of the latter point, visibility, it is important that nothing interferes with that function, however there are a very small number of items which are allowed to be place in the windscreen, as they are mandatory requirements. But they are few and far between.

In reality, the only things which you are permitted to place displayed on the windscreen are the ITV, Eco, and shared lane permission (rare) stickers.

It is also important that we place the stickers in the correct location in the windscreen. To explain where, for the purpose of this article, we must imagine that we are sitting in the vehicle and looking out of the windscreen.

ITV Sticker

Once your vehicle has undergone the mandatory vehicle inspection (ITV), and passed, you will be issued with a small rectangular sticker. This sticker must be placed in the upper righthand side corner of the windscreen.

It is also a requirement that you only display a single sticker, the one which shows the current validity. These stickers sequence through tree colours, red, yellow, and green.

The fine for not displaying the ITV sticker, or displaying it incorrectly, or having it in a bad state, is 80 euro. If you do need a replacement, such as if your windscreen has been damaged, return to the ITV centre for a replacement, taking your documents with you.

ITV Stickers
ITV sticker

Eco Sticker

The eco sticker, or environmental badge, which identifies the polluting emissions of our car, designated B, C, Eco or Zero, should be placed in the bottom righthand side corner of the windscreen.

The eco sticker in a windscreen

Car Sharing

Lastly, there is a sticker which refers to car sharing or rental-by-the-minute vehicles. In this case, its use is also mandatory and must be placed in the lower left corner of the windshield.

The areas where this sticker is required are not that common at the moment, and so this sticker Is the least likely you will see or use.

Remember, it is important that these rules are followed, and nothing else is displayed in the windscreen, such as, for example, “for sale” signs. Anything which can hinder the visibility of the driver can result in action based on article 19.1 of the General Traffic Regulations, which says: «The glazed surface of the vehicle must allow, in any case, the clear visibility of the driver over the entire road on which it circulates without interference from sheets or adhesives».

Car windscreen
A bad example of stickers in the windscreen
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