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Mobile Radar Speed Checking Equipment

by Mark Nolan
7 minutes read

Speed is one of the main contributing factors to road traffic incidents and fatalities, with 8 out of 10 deaths attributed to speed; it is something that every single driver can do something about thus reducing the risk for all.

However, as the need for speed intensifies, as cars get faster and the ride is smoother, traffic police still have a major task ahead of them when it comes to enforcing the law.

In Spain, the DGT currently use radars, microwave, laser, fixed distance segments and airborne speed detectors.

The Multanova 6F is an example of a microwave radar which sends a beam to the vehicle which then bounces back to the receiver. The variation of the wavelength then allows the processor to calculate the vehicle´s speed and, when the speed is above the programmed threshold, it automatically takes a picture which it sends to the DGT headquarters for processing.

The Autovelox 105 is capable of measuring the speed of vehicles, as well as the distance between vehicles, and their length and width, thus allowing it to monitor cars and trucks from independent databases.

Whereas the equipment fitted to vehicles does become easier to spot with the trained eye, the MultaRadar CD is virtually impossible to spot, the cone shape previously on display has been replaced by a large rectangle, similar in size to the vehicle´s number plate, which has currently been installed in 50 brand new vehicles.

Velolaser is another relatively new device, which has superior accuracy and is extremely portable, capable of being carried in the panniers of a motorbike and set up in seconds.

From the air, Pegasus radar equipment is installed on brightly coloured blue and yellow helicopters. The WESCAM MX-15 works by taking three shots of the speed of a vehicle relative to the GPS position and speed of the aircraft. With these three measures the average speed of the three shots taken at intervals of one second is calculated.

These are just some of the devices that the Guardia Civil use, there are others, and also fixed cameras, which we will look at another time, but before then, next week, we will explain an unusual phenomenon regarding the use of vehicle-based speed detectors, and how private drivers are earning a living from detecting the infractions of their fellow drivers.

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