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In Spain, you are not permitted to wear headphones or headsets when driving. This includes headphones you might use for listening to music or your favourite podcast, and also includes the use of headsets like Bluetooth connectors for your mobile phone. Plus, when we talk about driving, it includes all vehicles, such as cars, motorbikes, bicycles, and scooters.

Driving with headphones is not permitted according to the General Traffic Law since their use poses a danger to traffic. This is because the ear is not attentive to driving and is therefore considered a distraction while driving.

As you can see, driving with headphones, headsets, or earpieces, whatever type they are, is prohibited by traffic regulations, which entails a penalty because driving with them is putting the road safety of the driver and other road occupants at risk. Thus, the penalty you may face for driving with headphones is set at 200 euro and the loss of 3 points on your licence.

This penalty applies whether the headphones are turned on or not. That is, if you are wearing headphones even if you are not using them at that moment, it will also be grounds for a penalty since it is an object that reduces hearing on the road.

Given the above, you may have wondered if there is the possibility of being able to use headphones in the car. The truth is that you can use it, but as long as a series of conditions are met, such as: being parked and with the car turned off or if you are the co-driver or passenger. At this point you should keep in mind that if you are the driver of the car and you are parked incorrectly or with the car stopped, for example at a traffic light, you are still not be allowed to use the headphones.

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