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Proper vehicle maintenance is a crucial responsibility for all drivers, as it not only contributes to their safety but also that of other road users. One of the essential aspects of car care is the condition of the windscreen, a piece that plays a fundamental role in the driver’s visibility and, therefore, in road safety in general.

The first priority is to ensure that the windscreen allows adequate visibility of the vehicle’s exterior environment. For this reason, driving with a windscreen in poor condition or with a break or crack that obstructs vision to the outside is considered grounds for a fine. In fact, if a traffic officer identifies an excessive accumulation of dirt that affects the clarity of vision, he or she may impose a fine of 200 euro on the driver, although in no case does this entail withdrawal of points from the driving licence.

To drive a vehicle on the road, it is essential that the windshields are kept in a clean and sticker-free condition. The only badges allowed, and which must be present, is the ITV sticker (just one), the Environmental Distinction (Eco sticker), and ride share badge, where used.

As indicated in article 84 of the Law on Road Safety, traffic officers may immobilise the vehicle if it presents “deficiencies that constitute a particularly serious risk for road safety”, which could include the following cases:

Driving with the windscreen or the rest of the glass with damage or breaks that hinder proper visibility.

Driving with the windscreen or the rest of the windows with a layer of dirt or ice that makes proper visibility difficult.

Driving with the windscreen or the rest of the windows with films, stickers, curtains or other unauthorised elements that hinder proper visibility. The ITV sticker must be in the upper right corner of the windshield and the DGT environmental badge in the lower right corner.

Driving with a mobile phone holder attached to the windshield in an area that makes proper visibility difficult.

In addition to visibility problems, a cracked or broken windscreen also weakens the structural integrity of the vehicle. Glass is already a weaker element than the metals or other elements that make up a car, and so weakening the structure further could have disastrous consequences.  

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