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The primary role of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) is to make the roads safer for all, and they do so through a variety of means, from education to enforcement, both of which they hope will lead to a change in driver behaviour, this improving road safety for all.

In one of their latest social media campaigns, the DGT highlighted four elements of driving that are particularly dangerous that they would like to focus on, and these four practices are frequently carried out by motorcyclists, and so they are firstly by warning of the dangers and the consequences, then the inevitable fines and sanctions for those who still persist in committing these dangerous activities.  


The dimensions of motorcycles allow their drivers to pass other vehicles easily, taking advantage of the gaps between cars. Although it is true that this type of overtaking is allowed in the event of a traffic jam, zigzagging at high-speed puts both your safety and that of other drivers at risk, which is why it is a practice that is not permitted.

Aggressive driving

Continuing along the lines of the previous point, the DGT reminds that motorcyclists that they must avoid aggressive driving in any type of situation, as it can lead to incidents, the risk of which is greater for those people who travel aboard these vehicles.


The organisation has taken advantage of the message to remind motorcyclists that they must abide by speed limits in the same way as other road users, and that the penalties for speeding in the case of motorcycles are the same as for cars, so the most sensible thing is not to exceed the established limits in any case and respect both this and the rest of the traffic rules.

Safe distance

The latest warning from the DGT focuses on the distance between motorcycles and cars: they recommend both motorcyclists and other drivers do not ride close to the vehicle in front, since in the event of braking the margin of reaction is smaller and the collision risk increases considerably.

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