Spanish Traffic Laws

Where can I find information about all related to traffic matters?

If you have any doubt about any traffic matters, we would like to show you the 4 different books that there are about traffic matters. We do not have them in English, but we have attached a link of each one, where you can read them for free online, in Spanish.

1. Ley de Seguridad Vial. (Traffic Law)…/…/rdleg339-1990.html

2. Reglamento General de Circulación. (Driving Regulation)…/Admin/rd1428-2003.html

3. Reglamento General de Vehículos. (Vehicles Regulation)…/Admin/rd2822-1998.html

4. Reglamento General de Conductores (Drivers Regulation)…/Admin/rd818-2009.html

From these books we publish all the information / answers.

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reg1 reg2 reg3

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