The DGT made it quite clear on their social networks. “Just as the pavement is for pedestrians, the bike lane is for the cyclists. Do not use it for running, walking, or parking”.

As far as the driver is concerned, parking is prohibited on bike lanes. The law will punish those who obstruct, totally or partially, the lanes destined for the movement on two wheels, which tend to invade both pedestrians and vehicles.

Following an update to the law recently, parking in a bike lane is considered a serious offence and it is hoped that this new ruling can dissuade drivers from carrying out bad practices with cyclists, clearing up such an essential element on the road like bike lanes, on the rise in all European cities.

The aim of the rule is so that cyclists do not encounter obstacles or risks to their safety when they circulate through them and that they do not have to leave the bike lane to be able to continue their movement.

“Any vehicle” that parks in a bike lane “may be penalised with a fine of 200 euro.” This is what the regulations say, and you should always keep that in mind if you are tempted to invade a bike lane.

If we pay attention to the small print, in fact it is considered serious «parking in the bus lane, in bike lanes, on curves, elevation changes, parking areas for the exclusive use of people with disabilities, tunnels, underpasses, intersections or in any other dangerous place or in which traffic is seriously impeded or constitutes a risk, especially for pedestrians’.

It doesn’t matter if you intend to park the car to run a quick errand or if you intend to make a ‘pitstop’ for a few seconds. No more quick stops with any pretext and wherever you want. This is reflected in the law, which prohibits “stopping or parking” in bike lanes. Both actions carry a fine.

Although all this may seem extremely strict, the idea that the DGT has is to carry out a forceful sanction so that offenders do not leave their vehicle, even for a second, in a place of passage for cyclists. Now they will be more protected with the new law.

We must also pay closer attention to cyclists when they are on the road. With the new Road Safety Law, endangering or hindering a cyclist in an overtaking event will result in the loss of 6 points and a 200 euro fine. If there is more than one lane, you must move completely into the second lane to overtake a cyclist, allowing them the entire space of the first lane. The same rule applies for mopeds by the way.

To overtake a cyclist when there is only one lane then you always have to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between your vehicle and the cyclist when you pass.

Cyclists also have obligations when on the road. They must favour being overtaken at all times to avoid hindering traffic on the road.

If they are in a group, the maximum they can circulate is two by two side by side and as close as possible to the hard shoulder of the road and must not hinder the flow of traffic. If traffic needs to pass, they must circulate in single file.


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