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When it comes to personal mobility vehicles, the law in Spain is quite clear, you are not permitted to carry passengers. The are, by the very definition of the name, “personal” vehicles.

But what exactly are we talking about when we refer to personal mobility vehicles? Most recently, the phrase is used to describe such vehicles as small electric scooters, also referred to within the concept of “micro mobility”. But they can also include bicycles, and whereas you are not allowed to carry passengers on scooters, there is an exception when it comes to bicycles.

Bicycles are one of the sustainable vehicles that are part of urban traffic and must also comply with certain rules to circulate safely and not interfere with that of other road users. In addition to knowing how to signal your manoeuvres correctly and knowing where to ride at all times, prioritising the bike lane when it exists, there is another series of obligations that must be respected, including the carriage of passengers.

The DGT confirms that adult cyclists are permitted to carry a minor, aged up to 7 years maximum, sitting in an approved seat on the bicycle. Of course, a series of requirements must be met so as not to incur an infraction during the journey, sanctioned with up to 100 euro of fine.

Passengers on Personal Mobility Vehicles
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It is important that the age restrictions are complied with. The minor must not exceed this age limit and the driver must be of legal age. Even if the child is under 7 years old, if the bike driver is under 18, he or she will face a traffic fine.

The minor must be properly seated and fastened in an approved chair to transport passengers by bicycle, which can only be installed behind the rider. When installing this accessory, we must take into account the maximum total weight allowed to circulate and that, indeed, the model we have purchased is approved. There are some chairs, depending on their place of manufacture, that do not meet the requirements to be used in Spain.

Finally, it is mandatory that the minor wears the corresponding protective helmet correctly fastened. Otherwise, we will be infringing the rule and it will not matter if we comply with the rest of the obligations, since we will still face a sanction. Adults should also wear a helmet at all times to encourage safer practices.

Remember though, the characteristics we have described are the only exception for carrying passengers on personal mobility vehicles. On the road, children cannot be carried in trailers towed by bicycles. Moreover, in no circumstances are passengers allowed to be carried on electric scooters.

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