With the arrival of good weather, trips in this type of vehicle increase, especially on weekends when they become a recreational activity in itself.

For this reason it is important to send a message of caution and respect for the rules since, so far this year, 49 motorcyclists have died on weekends on the road.

This campaign therefore has the objective of trying to reduce the fatal incidents of this type of vehicle during the weekends, for which the agents of the Guardia Civil Traffic Group will intensify surveillance and verify that the regulations are complied with.

Like every year, this specific campaign for motorcycles will take place again on the weekend of September 3-4.

Weekends + conventional roads + motorcyclists = dangerous sum

It is a fact that the sum of motorcyclists on conventional roads and during the weekends is an operation that involves a high level of danger and the figures prove it.

With the data registered up to May 4, of the 361 people killed in traffic incidents, 71 were motorcyclists (20%). Of them, 83% died on conventional roads (59 motorcyclists).

These percentages have risen during the month of April with the arrival of good weather and the increase in motorcycle outings during the weekends. Throughout this month, of the 99 people who died, 24% were motorcyclists (24 people) and, of these, almost 92% died in traffic incidents that occurred on conventional roads (22 motorcyclists). In addition, of the motorcyclists who died on weekends in April, 100% took place on conventional roads (16 motorcyclists).

Alert for the behaviour of other users

In addition, the General Directorate of Traffic also makes a special call for attention to the behaviour of other road users since, on occasions, they are the cause of traffic incidents in which motorists are involved.

In this link you can download videos of infractions and accidents captured by the DGT media, in some of which this type of behaviour can be observed.

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