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Fixed Radar Cameras

by Mark Nolan
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We have been talking about speed detectors used on the road by the Guardia Civil, but there is also a network of fixed cameras around the country, which remain in place the whole time.

The locations of these cameras are published on the DGT website, and are provided in mapping devices, because these cameras are installed in areas known to be problematic in terms of the numbers of incidents which occur on the roads they cover. In other words, the presence of these cameras is not primarily to fine drivers, but rather to encourage safer driving on an otherwise potentially dangerous road.

Although it takes on different aesthetic forms, from small white boxes to larger containers on poles, the functionality remaining the same, one of the most recent additions to the arsenal in called Traffic Eye.

Traffic Eye is manufactured by Tradesegur, and was the first to be released in Spain, and is an intelligent camera and as well as monitoring speed, it is capable of spotting if a driver is using a mobile and if everyone is wearing a seat belt. Now, more providers are able to supply similar equipment which are working well for traffic law enforcement groups around the world.

The system is live across the entire road network of Spain, with hundreds of these intelligent eyes keeping a check on every vehicle that passes.

Traffic Eye and its cousin MultiRadar C, offer the most advanced technologies that are currently available for monitoring traffic, which not only check and report speeding motorists, but also other safety critical traffic violations such as not wearing a seat belt, children and animals not properly restrained, using a mobile phone or electrical device whilst driving, and checking with the established databases to see if your vehicle is correctly insured.

One of the surprising functions of Traffic Eye is that it is capable of monitoring traffic in multiple lanes, and, the bit which surprises many motorists, in both directions at the same time. This means that unlike the traditional roadside cameras, your activities can be monitored irrespective of the camera’s position.

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