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by Mark Nolan
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“I have a UK registered motorhome in Spain as I do a lot of touring Europe I have it insured with a Spanish company. Is this legal or not, am I spending money for nothing, thank you”

1º. Tax Agency :

“When you are living in Spain more than 183 days you are considered RESIDENT so you must change the registration number of your car.”

2º.Special Taxes Law

“Ley 38/1992, de 28 de diciembre, de Impuestos Especiales”.

art. 65.1

  1. d) If you are resident you have 30 days to initiate the proceeding to change your registration plate number. 60 days if you have used the vehicle to move to Spain. (Removals).

3º. If you have not changed the of your vehicle after that period you can be fined, and your car can be removed to the police station.

insuRegarding to the insurance, you can contract the insurance of your car with all insurances companies that cover foreigner cars in other countries. You must inform them where you are living, and if they decide insure your vehicle, there will not be any problem with the police.

Spanish Insurance Law says “All motor vehicles and trailers must be insured when entering Spain.”, and there is no difference between Spanish or European Insurance companies. The DGT wants all vehicles to have at least third-party vehicle insurance, which is the most basic motor insurance available, so in case of a traffic accident your insurance company response if you carry the car accident liability.

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