Signal V-20

v20cWhen an object overhangs from the back of the car, you have to display the signal V-20; a red and white striped reflective warning square on the back of the vehicle.

Regarding bycicles can not overhang any side of the car. But in this case we make an exception if it does not overhang a lot.

On the first photo you can see 2 posibilities:

1. When the bicycle does not hide the headlights of the car, you only need to put the signal V-20. You can use 1 or 2 signals.

2.When the bicycle hides headlights and plate you will have to use extra ligths/registration plate number.

On the second photo, you can see another examples for taking things. Remember to use signal V-20 to take somethig on the back of he car.

In cars the object only can overhang in the back side, and the maximum rear overhang is a 10% when the object can be divided in 2 parts, and 15% when is an indivisible object.



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