“Could you please clarify for me the rules regarding what (if anything) you are allowed to carry on the rear seats of the car? I have heard so many conflicting stories. Thanks.”

carry1If you are driving a vehicle that is carrying a load in the car, you have to make sure that the load is restrained properly. Load restraint is not just about making sure that the load does not come off —it is also about making sure that the load does not shift in a way that makes the vehicle unsafe to handle or allows the load to crash into the driver’s cabin, which may cause injury or death.

Please restrain the load properly, if you have a traffic accident, you could have serious injuries caused by the load you carry.

The Spanish Traffic Law requires that any load carried on or in your vehicle must:

  1. Not be placed in a way that makes your vehicle unstable or unsafe.
  2. Be secured so it won’t move or fall from your vehicle while driving—including driving consisting of emergency braking or turning suddenly.
  3. Not project from your vehicle in a way that is likely to injure a person, obstruct the path of other drivers or pedestrians, or damage another vehicle or anything else.
  4. Be restrained using an appropriate load restraint method. Anything on the back seats must be secured with seat belt.

– What objects can you carry in your vehicle? /

– Do you take any security measure when you carry them?

It is advisable do not carry anything in the car, please use the boot. In case you need to carry load in the vehicle, use the seat belt to ensure the load, and if you carry heavy things, use a car net, it is forbidden to take heavy load without a load restraint net.

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