“MUTING”. FREE App that helps avoid being distracted by your mobile while driving.

2-iphone-rightBy activating this application manually or automatically, all notifications and calls are silenced, vibrate is cancelled and the mobile screen is switched off. The objective of this completely free App called Mutting, for Android mobiles, is to reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by mobile distractions.

By activating the App manually or automatically, as well as silencing all notifications and calls, vibrate is cancelled and the mobile screen is switched off from the moment the engine is switched on until the car is parked. On receiving a call, a notification is sent to the caller that the driver is not available. If this call is repeated, it is considered urgent and passed to the vehicle’s hands-free system.

The added value of Mutting and its biggest difference is that calls and messages are not lost, but remain stored in the mobile, and by simply getting out of the car the App is disconnected and the device returns to normal function. How Mutting differs from other Apps Automatic activation through the vehicle’s hands-free Bluetooth, or manual activation.

Your contacts can see your status (“not available”, “driving”) when they try to make the call. The App advises your contacts by way of a Chat message that you are driving. If this function is not available, it is possible to notify them by text message.

(This article has been translated by one of our volunteers Maureen Daniels.)


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