Many people like listening to the radio in the car, and generally it doesn’t pose too much of a problem, although it can also be a distraction that could take your attention away from driving, and so could have very serious consequences.

However, despite the fact that simply listening to music, or the radio, can be a distraction, it becomes even more problematic, and subsequently illegal, if it is played too loud. You can therefore be fined, and that fine can vary, depending both on the severity of the offence determined by the volume, and the geographical location.

Generally speaking, music or other similar sources must never exceed 87 decibels in a vehicle. It is also worth noting that the use of in-ear devices or headphones is strictly prohibited, but that is a different law than what we are talking about here. It does include the prohibition of in-ear Bluetooth devices.

Playing the music too loud can become dangerous due to the distractions it can cause for the person behind the wheel. However, it can also be dangerous for other drivers and cause a nuisance to neighbours or pedestrians. In addition, it also blocks out the necessary ambient sounds required for safe driving, such as the noise of oncoming traffic, audible warning devices such as horns or emergency sirens, and can very easily lead to a dangerous situation as a result.

Driving with headphones is very dangerous, due to the minimisation of the reaction and the hearing capacity, but it is also dangerous to do it with music at excessive volume. Despite this, there are still many drivers who continue to do so.

Despite the fact that the Traffic Regulations do not regulate this practice as an infraction, the DGT is clear about it. That is, you can be fined for driving with the music too loud.

Cities and municipalities throughout Spain have the power to impose their own sanctions within the Municipal Mobility Ordinance. As the regulations are different, so will be the amounts of the sanctions.

Likewise, not all cities impose a fine, but it is important to know what the amount of the fine may be if it exists.

In this sense, in general, the less substantial penalties for driving with too high a volume start at 100 euro. As we said, this will depend on each municipality, as well as other variables.

In the most serious cases, there are fines that can even reach 3,000 euro. Also, keep in mind that the fine is not only applied if the vehicle is running. When parked, the penalty can also be given.

Although many road safety experts say that you should not listen to the radio or music when driving because of the distraction factor, if you do, which is permitted, it must be at a comfortable volume.

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