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Road Trip to Spain! Introduction

by Mark Nolan
4 minutes read

This week, members of the N332 Road Safety Group held an introductory presentation in Orihuela Costa town hall, explaining their latest online publication due to be released shortly.

Last year, Spain received 71 million tourists. Many of them came driving, bringing their luggage and bulky items. Unfortunately, some of these drivers had a bad experience during their journey.

In order to avoid accidents and reduce traffic offences, often caused by a lack of knowledge of Spanish traffic law, the traffic police officer, Francisco Javier Morales, who admins the Facebook page “N332”, created the free guide explaining how to drive properly on Spanish roads.

We know that European countries have similar traffic legislations which may vary slightly. For that reason, and with the aim of having “safer roads for all”, accompanied by Mark Nolan from the N332.es website, the main differences between Spain and other countries were explained, as well as some of the most common unexpected situations among tourists who drive on Spanish roads.

Although this particular guide is aimed at tourists, which is why the official launch presentation took place at the FITUR tourism event in Madrid, it is equally important for residents alike.

These introductory talks are aimed at introducing the booklet to key community representatives, and following on from Orihuela, the next talk will be in Los Montesinos on 28 February, then in Torrevieja at the Quironsalud hospital in March.

The publication will then be released and available to read online on computer, tablet or mobile, or download, and in different formats before the summer season, and a shorter version of the presentation will then tour various community groups.

If you would like to register an interest in attending the invitation-only talks, subject to availability of course, or if you are a group leader and are interested in us visiting your group, you can send an email to n332facebook@hotmail.com, and please include your name and contact details, as well as a little bit of information about your group and location, if appropriate.

Welcome to Road Trip to Spain!

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