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An Unforgettable Day for the Children

by Mark Nolan
2 minutes read

N332 reached an agreement with the Hollywood Motor Show to help the children from Elche Children´s Home have a fun day out. The stunt drivers didn´t hesitate to help us when we explained where the tickets would go.

A Day of Drama for Elche Childrens Home (3)

The three stars of the show, stunt drivers David, Patrick and Christopher, donated the tickets so that the children could come to see them perform, where they will be able to experience this amazing event first hand.

A Day of Drama for Elche Childrens Home (1)

Francisco Morales from N332 said, “We must think of the children during this holiday time when those with families are enjoying their time together, many of those without a family don´t have the same opportunities and don´t even get to leave their home”.

A Day of Drama for Elche Childrens Home (2)

As well as sharing news and information to encourage safer driving and hopefully save lives, N332 will keep working to help local charities, and with the recent launch of the new eMagazine will be donating some of the benefits earned to these local charities.

The Hollywood Motor Show is currently located on the car park near to the Zenia Boulevard shopping centre on the Orihuela Costa and is touring the area. Look out for the posters and show them your support for helping us.

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