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On a routine patrol in Rojales this week, a Guardia Civil traffic patrol stopped and fined two cyclists.

Why are these Traffic Officers speaking to these Cyclists

When a bicycle is being ridden, it is a vehicle. Therefore it is governed by the same rules of the road as cars, vans, trucks, in fact any other vehicle.

On this particular occasion, the cyclists was observed failing to stop at a stop sign and was subsequently fined 200 euro each for the offence.

Stop signs and stop lines are there to provide extra protection at junctions. Often, when these signs exist, the junction may have restricted visibility or be on a faster flowing road, and so extreme caution must be exercised and your vehicle must be brought to a complete stop.

It is perhaps even more serious for a vulnerable road user to fail to stop as the risk is far greater.

Hopefully, these particular cyclists will think twice in the future before risking his own safety and the safety of other road users.

Remember, a bicycle when ridden is a vehicle and must comply with the laws and rules of the road.

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