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In mid-2021, on the Ma-1 km 4,500 highway during a preventive breathalyser control, the driver of a motorcycle ignored the stop sign of a Guardia Civil traffic officer, forcing the agent to move away abruptly to avoid being run over. The motorcycle continued to move at high speed, committing a succession of serious offences during the getaway. The officers noted the licence plate of the motorcycle and filed several complaints to the Provincial Traffic Headquarters for the infractions observed.

Later, officers from the Traffic Analysis and Investigation Group (GIAT) examined the file opened by the Provincial Traffic Headquarters of the Balearic Islands, since they had presented some allegations against the sanction imposed on the motorcycle driver. In the allegations, a person of Armenian nationality assumed full responsibility for the violations, thus exempting the owner of the motorcycle.

After investigations, the GIAT agents were able to verify that this person did not have a driving licence that would enable him to drive motorcycles and at the same time his driving licence had expired, issued by the Traffic Headquarters of Valencia. In addition, the Armenian citizen had not been in Mallorca on the date the offence was committed.

These facts led to the initiation of proceedings for false documents, the owner of the motorcycle and a friend of his who allegedly helped him prepare the administrative appeal were investigated.

The officers continued with the investigations, and through the Traffic Headquarters a list was obtained that called the attention of the GIAT agents, since the Armenian citizen appeared as the author of numerous serious infractions committed, the vast majority in peninsular territory. Given the circumstance that all of them had the characteristic in common that they entailed the loss of permit points, in which the owners of the motorcycles were another person who, when notified by the DGT of the sanction, identified the Armenian citizen as a driver at the time of the infraction, in order to be exempt from responsibility and avoid the deduction of points from their driving licence.

After several steps, they found out that this person was advertising on the Internet through web pages, in which he offered the sale of driving licence points from 75 to 200 euro per point, in addition to the amount of the penalty for the infraction. The communication between the buyer and the seller was carried out through different social networks.

So far, 91 people have been charged throughout the national territory for their alleged involvement in a crime of false documentation, with actions in the communities of Madrid, the Valencian Community, Aragón, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Castilla y León, Murcia, Galicia, Cantabria, Navarra, Basque Country, Extremadura, Catalonia, La Rioja and Andalusia.

Finally, the Armenian citizen, who resides in a municipality in the Valencian Community, was also investigated as the alleged perpetrator of a continued crime of false documentation. Said person had a negative balance of -321 points on the driving licence in the DGT files.

New investigations are not ruled out as the operation is in the exploitation phase, since new fraudulent files could be detected.

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