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Do Not Even Touch your Mobile!

by Mark Nolan
2 minutes read

Using a mobile phone when driving is a serious risk to road safety as it Is one of the principal causes of distractions, and is grouped within the so-called “fatal 4”.

But, these days, mobile phones are not only for speaking to people on, they have “smart” facilities that let us send and receive messages, update our social networks, take pictures, check our bank, and many more functions beside, all of which are not permitted when driving.

In fact, in order to deal with this multiuse functionality, the most recent change in the law in Spain made it illegal to even hold or touch your device when driving, not only prohibiting its use.

The same applies when stopped in traffic, or at a traffic light, you are still engaged in the function of driving, and so checking, touching or even holding your mobile phone is still prohibited.

However, the one thing you are permitted to use your mobile phone for when driving is mapping and routing functionality. If you do though, the same rules still apply. You must not touch it or hold it. Create your route before you set off, and if you need to change it, find a safe and legal place to stop and park before you reprogram the device. Because you cannot hold it, your phone in this case must also be held securely by an approved holder or cradle that does not interfere with your primary field of vision.

Other than the driver, the other vehicle occupants are permitted to use their mobile phone, but must not distract the driver.

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