Dealing with administration can be a daunting task for many, partly due to the apparent complexity of some of the procedures, and partly due to the inconvenience of having to attend a very busy office, where many more people are trying to achieve their own resolution, but when it comes to traffic and vehicle procedures, there is some good news, because almost all traffic procedures can be carried out remotely.

At this time, 94% of traffic procedures can be carried out without having to go to the provincial and local DGT Traffic Headquarters, either by telephone -060-, Internet – Electronic Headquarters – or in the mobile application – AppmiDGT -.

Only the application for permits for dangerous goods and the exchange of permits require in-person attention.

The General Directorate of Traffic works every day to improve the service it provides to citizens. For this reason, among other measures, it has continued to expand the procedures related to driving licences or vehicles that can be presented or carried out electronically, without the need to make an appointment or go in person to the provincial and local Traffic headquarters.

At this time, with the exception of the application for permits for dangerous goods and the exchange of permits, all procedures related to the driver’s licence of the holder or the vehicle can be carried out comfortably and quickly by telephone (060), through the headquarters electronic from the DGT or the AppmiDGT mobile application and with the same guarantees as if it were done in person.

In addition, there are also other procedures, such as renewing a driving licence or permanently deregistering a vehicle, which can be carried out directly at collaborating entities.

In this line of improvement, the DGT Electronic Headquarters has been renewed and now allows all procedures related to vehicles to be carried out in an even simpler way, explaining the entire process step by step and also allowing all documentation to be directly attached without even having to do it through registration. After presenting the documentation, the operator at the DGT Headquarters carries out the procedure and sends the response to the individual.

IN terms of collaborating entities, one of the biggest and most useful is the post office, Correos. Via Correos you can carry out procedures such as the application for a duplicate driving licence, obtain vehicle reports, notify a vehicle sale or purchase, as well as change of ownership, and of course, the issuing of the Environmental Sticker for your vehicle.

Many of the procedures are available at all post offices, some can only be conducted via networked centres, and the website,, has more information.

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