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Scooter Technical Specifications in More Detail

by Mark Nolan
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Last week, we spoke generally about the technical definition of a VMP, the vehicle category that e-scooters fall into. We also mentioned that those characteristics are going to become stricter. Before we talk about the specific rules for using a VMP, we will explain some more of the technical characteristics.

All VMP’s, which, as we have said, include e-scooters, will require a certificate of circulation, CERTIFICADO DE CIRCULACIÓN. All electric scooters that are marketed from January 22, 2024 must have been certified in compliance with the regulations. All scooters marketed before January 22, 2024 will be able to circulate until January 22, 2027 even if they do not have a certificate. And from January 22, 2027, only electric scooters that have a certificate to circulate will be allowed to be used.

This is an important note, especially as we are approaching the Christmas period, where the temptation to purchase one of these vehicles, either for personal use, or as a gift, may be greater. It is in your own best interest to ensure that the scooter has a certificado de circulación now, because if it doesn’t, it will become unusable in 3 years.

We know that they must have a maximum permitted speed of between 6 kmph and 25 kmph, and nominal power less than 1,000 watts (2,500 in the case of those with self-balancing functions). We looked at the physical size too, but they must also have a mass of less than 50 kilograms.

In addition to an audible warning device and lights, it is mandatory that they have the capability of displaying both the speed and battery level, at least. This can be done through a connected app.

Regarding the braking system, they must have two independent brakes, with a minimum deceleration of 3.5 m/s2.

Front reflectors (white), on both sides (white or auto yellow) and rear (red), are mandatory, and the brake light must be differentiated or combined with the rear light.

They must also be equipped with a stabilisation system when parking. With the aim of avoiding scooters falling in the middle of the streets, it has been established that it is mandatory for VMPs with less than 3 wheels to have a stabilisation system consisting of a side kickstand or central stand while they are parked.

The minimum established diameter of the wheels is set at 203.2 mm and they must have a rough surface to allow grip on the ground. The use of smooth tires will not be permitted.

All VMPs must have a unique, permanent, legible and clearly visible factory marking with information on the maximum speed, serial number, certificate number, year of construction and make and model.

E-scooter identity plate

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