Generally speaking, Spanish driving licence holders have 12 points, which can increase to a maximum of 15, if you do not commit any infractions, and new drivers start with less, but they can be lost quite easily, and the loss of all of your points means you can no longer drive, with limited exceptions.

In 2006 the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) introduced the points system in Spain, which differs to the UK for example, as in Spain you have an allocation which you lose in the event of committed certain offences. The objective was to make drivers aware of the importance of respecting the rules behind the wheel, with a points plan that would be exhausted if you were fined repeatedly or if the offence was serious. If your points ran out, you can wait to recover them over time, or sit a course to recover points, again, once a limited period had elapsed.

In Spain it is possible to drive legally even without having any points, and it is due to a problem that accompanies other services, institutions and others. There is a bureaucratic vacuum in the administrative system of the State road safety agency, a gap caused by delays in the management of procedures. This period of time allows you to drive without any points on your licence.

In the event that you have lost all points from your driving licence, you should receive a notification informing you of the total loss of points. If no such notification occurs, the driver may continue driving. The reason is that you may be unaware that you have no points, since you have not been notified. And we already know that driving without points is illegal, it cannot be done, as it would have serious legal consequences.

You must also be aware that notifications are gradually switching to a digital form, which would be delivered electronically.

You may have changed your address and you do not receive such notification (although this in itself can lead to a sanction), or it may be delayed due to other circumstances. And that’s not all, because the driver has the right to present allegations and appeal the sanction, which further delays the withdrawal of the licence. This administrative procedure could take two months, during which time the driver could continue driving without points on the licence.

There is a case where the withdrawal is immediate. If it is by judicial means, the application of the measure will be instant, without the need for notification. It would be for an offence considered a crime, such as driving under the excessive influence of alcohol, speeding and omission of duty to help. In these cases, a judge orders the withdrawal of the licence.

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