On some 7,000 kilometres of the secondary road network in Spain, the maximum permitted speed limit is set at 90 kilometres per hour, on roads, outside of towns and cities, where no other restrictions are in force, in other words, where there are no signs indicating a stricter limit (on some rare occasions, the maximum us set at 100 kilometres per hour, but this too will always be signposted).

Secondary Roads in Spain

This is in effect the same concept as the commonly referred to “National Speed Limit” which has been in place on British roads since the 60´s, where a maximum permitted speed is set on roads outside of towns. It should be noted, however, that although the concept is the same, there is not a road sign in the Spanish catalogue which is the equivalent to that in the UK. In the UK, it is indicated by a white circle with a black diagonal band. This sign does not exist in Spain (there is a sign that looks similar, but it does not have the same meaning).

National Speed Limit Applies road sign, UK
This road sign does NOT exist in Spain, but the concept of a national speed limit does.

In Spain, the maximum permitted speed on the secondary road network outside of towns is 90 kilometres per hour, for cars, motorbikes, small motor homes and pick-ups, as well as buses (except under certain circumstances), derivatives of cars, and mixed adapted vehicles.

Speed Limits in Spain

In Spain, speed limits are dictated by three elements, the road, the vehicle, and the driver (in some cases). Therefore, some vehicles are still restricted further, such as trucks, vans, large motor homes, articulated vehicles, vehicles towing a trailer, and others not listed, which are restricted to a maximum permitted speed of 80 kilometres per hour on these roads.

Bicycles and mopeds are restricted to a maximum permitted speed of 45 kilometres per hour.

Remember, we are talking only about the secondary road network, where no other restriction is in place, so if there is a sign saying that the maximum permitted speed is 80, or 50, for example, then that is the case.

Similar vehicular restrictions are also in place on motorways, although the limits differ, but today we are talking specifically about the secondary road network outside of towns.

Some drivers are also restricted such as may be the case those suffering certain medical conditions, for which the doctor has determined a restriction is necessary. In the case of a speed limit being imposed on a driver, a sign must be displayed on the back of the vehicle, the same sign we see on slow moving vehicles such as street sweepers.

As a final note, we must also remind you that all speed limits are maximums, and not targets. Many other factors can dictate that the speed achieved should be much lower than the maximum at any time.

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