The ITV inspection is a mandatory requirement for ensuring the minimum safety standard for vehicles is maintained, so as to ensure the minimum conditions of safety and respect for the environment on the road.

However, from October of 2017, a number of changes were implemented by the government, some of which are of benefit to the motorist, aimed at making things easier for them.

Retest at another ITV station

In the event that the result of the test is unfavourable, it is now possible to have the retest carried out at another ITV station than where the first test was conducted, once the faults and failings have been rectified.

Early renewal without affecting the date

Another development which favours vehicle owners is that you can now submit your vehicle for a test in advance, without it affecting the date of the renewal. Specifically, you can now submit your vehicle for testing up to a month before the expiration date and, upon successfully passing the test, the renewal will still be valid from when your current certificate expires.

More comprehensive emission controls

Now, the monitoring and control of emissions will be much more exhaustive, so as to avoid recent problems where potential and actual fraud has been detected, some by the vehicle manufacturing sector of course. ITC stations will have more means, equipment and procedures that will allow them to contribute to the protection of the environment and ensure greater road safety. In fact, sources of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness have indicated that these new means are “a first step towards the inspection of electronic security systems and the improvement of emission control.”

Recognition of certificates between EU countries

With the new regulations, it will be possible to recognize ITV certificates  issued by other member states of the  European Union, so if we buy a car in France, Italy or Germany, for example, we will not have to submit the vehicle for immediate inspection here in Spain in certain circumstances.

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