As part of the new rules governing Brexit, holders of UK issued driving licences were expected to obtain an International Driving Permit for use in some European countries.

These permits, obtained from the Post Office, were used to accompany the licence and were different depending on the country you planned to drive in.

However, following an agreement between the United Kingdom and the 27 European Union countries, these permits are no longer required.

The Secretary of State for Transport, Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, took to Twitter to share the news, saying, “Welcome news for UK drivers.  We’ve now secured agreement with all 27 EU Member States to recognise UK licences WITHOUT the need for an International Drivers Permit. From tomorrow, UK drivers can continue to drive in the EU without an IDP (once Covid restrictions lifted)”.

Of course, if you are habitually resident in another country, such as Spain, the requirement to exchange your licence for a local equivalent is still active, the change in status refers to tourists or other visitors to the European countries.

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