Where can you park your car?

In this picture we can see how the neighbor (nº 2) has a Vado installed in his garage door, and there is a solid yellow line in front of his garage and another solid yellow line painted over the broken white lines, that means it is forbidden to park in front of the garage.


But in the other 2 cases:

Nº1- Other neighbor decided that it was enough with one Vado and he has widened the yellow line until his door garage, as you can see, he has painted the pavement with a solid yellow line too, but just in front of this line, there are broken white lines who permit to park, if you have any doubt check that there is no Vado in his door garage. Each garage has to have its own Vado.

Nº3- It is the same case than number 1, the owner of the shop has decided to widen the solid yellow line. As you can see there are solid white lines who permit the parking and there is no Vado visible.

When a solid yellow line is painted in the pavement it means the parking it is not allowed, so any broken white line has to be erased, because if you see a broken white line means the parking is allowed, so there can be no 2 different lines painted in the same place which means the opposite.

(Those who wrote that : “with yellow line you can not park” , you are right, but sometimes we have to take notice all details, may be someone is applying the law by himself, (as you can read in the other articles about “illegal vados”) if you suspect of this actions are taking place in anywhere of your neighborhood, please inform Local Police.)

On the second photo you can check how each door garage has its own Vado!!


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