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The headline, although in the original it did contain a spelling mistake and so we are not fully quoting it, appeared in an English language newspaper in Spain this week.

The article says that there is a “lack of an outright ban”, which could be considered misleading, as the publication is in Spain, where there IS a ban on wearing headphones when driving.

The article in question refers to the Highway Code, which is a UK publication, and not valid in Spain.

In Spain, it is illegal to wear any form of headset when driving, which includes headphones, and also Bluetooth devices commonly used to connect to mobile phones.

This rule applies to all vehicle drivers, including bicycle and scooter riders, as well as drivers of motorised vehicles.

The only exception, a recent change, is that certain approved devices can be used for communicating on motorcycles.

The reason why headphones and headsets are banned in Spain when driving is that the driver must be fully aware of their surroundings at all times, and not distracted.

So, to be clear, in Spain, the answer to the question, “Is it against the law to drive while wearing headphones?” is YES.

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