The millions of trips that will take place by road in the coming weeks to meet with family and friends, leads the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) to once again stress the importance of taking care when driving.

This year, the annual awareness campaign is focused on one of the most important trips of the year: that of Santa Claus from his residence in Lapland to the homes of all the boys and girls who look forward to his visit.

On this occasion, the arrival of Santa Claus is delayed more than expected and he does not come to the homes of the little ones like every Christmas Eve, an unprecedented fact to which no one has an answer and which opens the news of all the media.

Finally, and hours late, Santa Claus ends up arriving at the homes of all the boys and girls giving an important lesson: “Being late is better than not being there, even at Christmas.”

With a friendly tone and playing with the illusion of the arrival of Santa Claus by the little ones and his extrapolation to the world of adults when they wait for their loved ones to meet again, the DGT once again reminds us of the importance of compliance with traffic rules. Answering a call while driving, looking at WhatsApp, having a drink or stepping on the accelerator more than is allowed are just some of the facts that can truncate the reunion of many families.

For the campaign, several audiovisual pieces can be seen on television, cinemas and social networks. Two radio spots have also been created, where two children (Alexandra and Pepe) are the protagonists, advising Santa Claus not to run, that it is better to arrive late than not arrive at all. Pieces have also been made for outdoor, digital and print media.

Likewise, a page has been created in which an attempt is made to raise awareness with messages to the different users of the responsibility required when the same limited space is shared and in which the behaviour of each person has consequences on the rest of the road users.

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