The Inspección Técnica de Vehículos, or ITV test, is a mandatory process for all cars from their fourth year of life that, on occasions, arouses many doubts and questions. Here we briefly explain some of those doubts, and the reality around these top myths.

The ITV, which is similar to the MOT in the UK, is an essential requirement to ensure both road safety and care for the environment. Despite the fact that the process is simple and a large majority (81.5%) of vehicles pass this inspection on the first attempt, it is a nervous time for most drivers.

Performing the ITV after the deadline carries an additional surcharge

The ITV stations do not apply any fine for delay in carrying out the technical inspection of vehicles. However, if you drive the car with an expired ITV this is considered a serious offence and you can be fined up to 500 euro because of the potential danger this poses to yourself and other road users. You should conduct the test before the last day of expiration, and if you don´t then the only legal option is to take the vehicle to the inspection centre on the back of a tow truck. You cannot drive a vehicle with an expired ITV in any circumstance. You may have the test conducted up to a month before the expiry and the outstanding time is added on.

You have to take the test in the region in which you live

This is a myth. The ITV inspection can be carried out in any autonomous community, regardless of where the vehicle is registered. It is true that in some areas the test differs, but these elements are additional tests and are outside the minimum mandatory requirements. You are free to choose your area, inspection centre, and even shop around for the best price, if you wish.

You don´t have to display the ITV sticker in the windscreen

Again, this is not true. The ITV sticker, also known as V-19, must be placed in a visible place, and should be in the top right-hand corner of the windscreen as we are looking out, and is as important as any other vehicle document. Failure to display the sticker can result in a fine of 100 euro. You should also only display the current, valid sticker, not a collection. On vehicles without a windscreen it should be placed in a visible location. It is also mandatory to carry the ITV card and the inspection report in the vehicle.

A workshop cannot carry out the technical inspection of a vehicle

Again, this is not true. Although many garages offer pre-ITV tests, only the ITV stations authorised by each Autonomous Community can carry out the technical inspection of vehicles. The workshops can only carry out repairs and maintenance to guarantee that the vehicle complies with the ITV requirements.

Foreign vehicles can have an ITV test

This is a common question and is both true and false at the same time. A foreign vehicle can be subjected to an ITV test, however the certification of that test is not valid in Spain. The mandatory inspection must be done in the country of registration. The ITV centre will inspect any vehicle to ensure it is safe, but they are unable to certify it as such, and only advise.

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